Viki Aqua Jump

One of the most popular aquafitness gear

One of the most popular aquatic fitness gear

Viki AquaJump is one of the most popular Aquatic Fitness Gear which will help you return to shape. Octagonal structure made from 100% stainless steel have been designed specifically to provide the best stability during the training. In addition, they can be stocked easily thanks to folding possibility. Elastics hold up to 120 kg and thanks to innovative construction can be changed very fast. They assure the best possible rebound thanks to a fluidized flow of water.

Viki Aqua Jump - Is it worth it?


Train balance of your body in safe environment.


Aqua training improves joints flexibility.


Cardiovascular exercise for increasing stamina.


Enhance not only the blood circulation, but also the lymph flow.

Detail are the diffrence


Non-scratch footer for better stability.

Trampoline mat

Made from high quality materials for longer use.

Rubber springs

Specially prepared rubber springs for higher safety.

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