CRYO Arctic

nitrogen-based cryotherapy chamber with 100% access to cold breathing air

CRYO Arctic

Cryo Arctic is designed to deliver the easiest, safest and the most effective whole body cryotherapy treatments in the industry. Built to ensure that a user never comes into direct contact with cryogenic gases, instead is exposed to breathable air. The superior technology used makes °CRYO Arctic™ the safest product on the market since it is the only true full-body chamber that is TGA approved.

CRYO Arctic Functions

Flexible Window

It is possible to adjust the size of the window which allows clients to choose between partial and full-body treatment.


The °CRYO Arctic™ is more spacious. Clients enjoy more room to move around inside the chamber without feeling closed in.

Safest cryotherapy

100% breathable cold air in the whole chamber, our users never come in contact with hazardous nitrogen vapor.

Fastest Cooling Time

Recent study confirmed that aquatic exercises are more effective than land-based exercises at lowering blood pressure.

Premium Sound-System

Relax with a favorite song while still being in communication with the operator.

CRYO Arctic- excellent investment

Reaching temperatures of -140°C / -220°F, the °CRYO Arctic Performance is the only machine on the market that accurately measures the chamber’s temperature. That accuracy ensures the client’s treatment exceeds their expectations. Delivering effective results treatments that benefit mental and physical health while enhancing skin quality and working towards slimming and toning.

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