use the power of water to improve your exercises

What is aquaCABIN?

AquaCABIN allows to practice Aqua Fitness in a single cabin at your own place. Tube is splitted into 2 zones: Relax and Training. Training zone is created for workout on bike or treadmill with help of 6 powerful water jets. Relax zone is comfortable sitting place equipped with total 12 water and air jets for muscle relax.

aquaCABIN is recommended by physiotherapists as a safe and effective training in overweight and obesity, reduced mobility (after injuries of bones and joints) and as a part of rehabilitation process.

With aquaCABIN you are no longer attached to only bike exercise. Our product can be equipped in AquaBike or AquaTreadmill. Furthermore if you decide to change into other equipment inside, you don’t have to buy new capsule.

aquaREHAB - focus on quality

The main difference between good and great design is experience of creator. We have over 12 years experience in designing products from different business types. Our products are not only looking good but they are also practical. We know that devil is in the details. Connection of artificial glass and high quality gelcoat, subtle touch screen, intuitive menu and best possible components – this is our quality feature.

aquaREHAB Models


aquaCABIN - Appearance & Environment

Our products are made according to RAL pallete which gives our customers wide range of colours to select. Client can give us logo which will be printed on cabin.

All cabins are hand made with ecological components and in terms of wildlife protection.

aquaCABIN - Is it worth it?

Low impact on joints

underwater exercises are proven to have less effect on joints and are recommended for people with joints and muscle pain who may find relief it this type of training.

Increased healing of injured tissue

the combination of relaxing water and exercise on an aquatic equipment can speed up healing process of injured tissue

Reduced Blood Pressure Levels

Recent study confirmed that aquatic exercises are more effective than land-based exercises at lowering blood pressure.

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