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The °CRYO Glacier™

is the most innovative and the most sought-after cryotherapy chamber designed for full-body treatments. Capable of developing low temperatures up to -140°C and filled with clean, breathable air, it is efficient for physical and mental health, wellbeing, weight loss and beauty. It is also the only true whole body cryotherapy chamber on the market. Since it is fully electricity-run and doesn’t utilise harmful gasses, it is both efficient and safe to use. It’s designed to be a perfect fit for high-traffic locations.

Our °CRYO Glacier™ is an excellent investment purchase for business owners in the health, wellness and beauty industry. Offering a myriad of luxury treatments designed for slimming, anti-ageing, pain management, preventive health or improving sports performance.It can be a fantastic addition to your existing business or a starting point for a new one!

When you purchase °CRYO Glacier™, you don’t need a gas supply as it can Achieve low temperatures without using nitrogen.

The top placed ventilation duct ensures the flow of cold air from the top to the bottom of the chamber causing natural air circulation of true cryotherapy temperatures: -140°C / 220°F.

A functional heated window with an LCD Matrix, allows users the ability to choose transparency or to block out visibility in the window, offering them the comfort of complete privacy while inside the chamber.

Smart doors can be opened and closed automatically to allow operating the chamber without human assistance delivering more independent user experience.

The only fully electric cryochamber capable of cooling down to 140°C / -220°F in approx. 90 min.

Through Smart Technology and Wifi communication our service specialists are able access any device world wide and run diagnostics on the internal operating system.

2-way communication system ensures that clients can speak with operators while inside the cryochember.

With intuitive digital functions, designed as an optimal solution for high traffic areas, minimizing the need for operator assistance

CRYO Glacier

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