Aquabike X

Revolution in Aqua fitness market

Aquabike - save space to storage your aquabike

Revolution in Aqua fitness market. First in Europe bike for aqua training that can be folded. You don’t have space to keep your equipment ? This product is for you. Easy folding and even easier assembling.

Additionally, a mechanic ressistance to ensure a high level of exercise. It fits all sizes thanks to height regulation. Very big advantage is its light weight and carrying handle. Designed for everyday use in all type of water.

Aquabike X - Is it worth it?


Machine with all-around workout for lower and upper parts of body


Aqua training improves joints flexibility.


First AquaBike that can be folded for transport and to save storage space.


Enhance not only the blood circulation, but also the lymph flow.

Detail are the diffrence

Rubber for exercise

Additional rubber for exercising upper parts of body.

Regulation knob

Made from high quality materials for easier regulations.


Profiled modern saddle for bigger comfort.

Moving wheels

High quality non-scratch rubber wheel.

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