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Using cutting-edge technology, the °CRYO Wave™ is the game-changer in the wellness industry. It is the most advanced non-invasive cryotherapy device ideal for slimming, body contouring, cellulite reduction, anti-ageing and rejuvenating. Designed to improve the physical appearance, it combines hot and cold therapeutic methods, including thermal shock, cryo-lipolysis and LED therapy.

changes colors indicating the treatment phase, and is also customizable depending on customer preferences.

allows for smooth and easy application for operators during longer treatment protocols.

Equipped with wheels, the device is fully mobile and portable.

is a modern, non-surgical procedure used to reduce localized fat with no damage to the skin or other surrounding tissues. Thermal Shock applies intervals of heating and cooling to the targeted areas of body fat facilitating an extremely effective process of fat loss.

Cooling causes the fat cells to crystallize which as a consequence break down in the process and are naturally removed from the body.

Now crystallized fat cells move into deeper layers of the fat tissue, further cooling down other fat cells. The metabolism accelerated by cell heating facilitates the complete removal of crystallized fat.


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