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gentle massage
with wooden rools.

What is Rolletic?

Roll shaper is a lymphatic massage performed with wooden rollers mounted on a rotating drum. Massage reduces cellulite and allows you to burn the excess fat. Additional use of Infrared lamp improves effects of treatment. User stimulate selected parts of the body by taking proper body positions.

Additional functions

Specialy designed wooden rollers and improved speed make device more effective. Rollers are made of beech wood – durable and pleasant to the body. User is secured with autostop function based on photocells. They detect even the slightest movement below the drum and immediately stop its rotation to prevent injury.

Modern design

The main difference between good and great design is experience of creator. We have over 12 years experience in designing products from different business types. Our products are not only looking good but they are also practical. We know that devil is in the details. Connection of artificial glass and high quality gelcoat, subtle touch screen, intuitive menu and best possible components – this is our quality feature.

Individual appearance

Our products are made according to RAL pallete which gives our customers wide range of colours to select. Client can give us logo which will be printed on cabin.

Safe for the environment

Rollmassage units are hand made with ecological components and in terms of wildlife protection.

rollMASSAGE models




Touch panel

Chromo therapy


LED Collagen

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