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aquaBIKE X

Revolution in Aqua fitness market. First in Europe bike for aqua training that can be folded. You don’t have space to keep your equipment ? This product is for you. Easy folding and even easier assembling.

Additionally, a mechanic ressistance to ensure a high level of exercise. It fits all sizes thanks to height regulation. Very big advantage is its light weight and carrying handle. Designed for everyday use in all type of water. Rubber element to exercise upper parts of body.


The first device on the market to strengthen most muscle groups. Allows you to train your back, arms, buttocks, legs and stomach. The basis of the exercise is the movement known from rowing simulation devices. The main factor affecting the quality of training is the weight of the user himself, which increases resistance during movement. This eliminated the presence of a flywheel or resistance adjustment.
BodyShape is a universal device for improving general condition, reducing body fat and improving body efficiency.


Discover the benefits of elliptical training in water. One of first products on market which has regulated mechanical resistance, allowing to set level of exercise according to condition of user.

Two positions available. Stationary – perfect for leg and overall muscle efficiency training. Strength – allows to use most important group of muscles. Lena Aquastepper generates natural motion of running while reducing shock put on joints. 100% stainless steel and compatibility with all types of water (including salt or chlorinated). After exercise it can be easily folded and stored.


Xena AquaTreadmill bring stationary treadmill into water environment. With less load on joints it is perfect for recovery process.

Gentle slope puts a training into moderate level. Larger grab bar for better grip. Main advantage is that there is no belt which needs to be maintained or changed. We used artificial anti-bacterial material to create perfect walking solution. Big wheels will allow to move treadmill into the water and outside pool.


Aqua PoleJump is combination of AquaTrampoline and AquaPole. Now you can do both exercises on one product. Created for people in all age and fitness experience.

Octagonal structure made from 100% stainless steel have been designed specifically to provide the best stability during the training. Elastics hold up to 120 kg and thanks to innovative construction can be changed very fast. They assure the best possible rebound thanks to a fluidized flow of water.


AquabikeX PRO is not only a bike. It is multifunctional device for fitness and rehabilitation in water. It has all advantages of standard version and additionally it has built-in equipment for improving physical function – TwistDisc. Rotation training with all advantages of water environment takes this activity to new level.

AquaBike X PRO is the best equipment for health and pleasure during exercise. It offers natural aerobic training, spinning exercise and rubber band for upper parts of body. All this has positive effect on slimming process and achieving desired dimensions.

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